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Dismantle The Patriarchy Mug

Dismantle The Patriarchy Mug

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Introducing the ultimate statement piece for all feminist coffee lovers out there - the "Dismantle The Patriarchy" mug! This must-have accessory holds more than just your daily caffeine fix - it's a daily reminder to start your day with a clear goal in mind: the dismantling of the patriarchal system of power.

Crafted from premium quality materials, this mug can withstand even the most intense feminist discussions. Let's face it, when you're busy fighting the good fight, you need all the energy you can get.

Whether you're sipping on your morning brew at the office or sharing a cuppa with your fellow feminist comrades, this mug is guaranteed to turn heads and start important conversations.

  • Material: White ceramic with a glossy finish
  • C-shaped easy-grip handle
  • Lead and BPA-free
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